Spray Foam Wall Insulation

spray foam wall insulation

Spray foam compares very favorably against other types of insulation.

Spray foam has incredibly beneficial properties as wall insulation. At Foam Tech, we take pride in offering spray foam wall insulation as a service to our clients. Wall spray foam insulation works through the chemical reaction of polyurethane with isocyanate. These two substances get sprayed simultaneously in the installation process. The chemical reaction as they combine creates a foam barrier that expands and hardens against whatever it touches.

Spray foam insulation brings incredible benefits to your home when applied to the walls. At Foam Tech, our expert technicians can quickly and efficiently install spray foam wall insulation. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of this product, please consider the following benefits. For additional information, or to schedule service for spray foam wall insulation in Lubbock and Dallas, TX, call us today at 214.205.1200.

Advantages of Spray Foam Wall Insulation

spray foam wall insulation

Spray foam insulation hardens and expands through a chemical reaction.

The installation of spray foam insulation represents a wise choice on the part of a homeowner. They’ve made an investment not only in the comfort of their home but also in an energy-efficient solution that will save money over the long-term. Spray foam wall insulation actually brings a host of benefits to your home and wallet.

Premier Insulation: Spray foam insulation has a powerful effect on your walls. The foam expands to fill every nook and cranny and seals any gaps or seams that may have caused leaks. The result is a tight seal that keeps the action of your HVAC firmly contained.

Save Money: Thanks to its nature as a powerful insulator, spray foam insulation can generate massive energy savings. As air seeps from and into your home through inadequate insulation, your HVAC over-compensates and creates higher energy bills. Spray foam insulation, once installed, can save homeowners an incredible 50 percent off their HVAC-related energy expenses.

Moisture Deterrent: Unlike traditional insulation, water cannot penetrate spray foam insulation. Rainfall that finds its way into your walls through small gaps can wreak havoc. Siding will deteriorate, and the moisture will encourage the growth of mold. Spray foam insulation prevents this activity, as water no longer has an entry point. 

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These factors stand as just a few of the benefits of spray foam insulation for your walls. The foam also has a lengthy lifespan, which makes it eco-friendly as it doesn’t generate waste from replacement. To learn more about this remarkable product, or to schedule installation of spray foam wall insulation in Dallas and Lubbock, TX, call Foam Tech today at 214.205.1200.