Silicone Roof Coating

silicone roof coating

Silicone roof systems are some of the best on the market, and well worth the investment!

At Foam Tech, we proudly offer silicone roof coating as one of our premier products. A high-quality product, silicone should warrant careful consideration when you choose among roof coatings. Some building owners dismiss silicone as too expensive. This position fails to take into account the product’s many benefits, which clearly outweigh the expense.

The major benefits of silicone as a roof coating occur across four categories. If you trust Foam Tech with the installation of a silicone roof coating in Dallas and Lubbock, TX, you can count on the full flower of these qualities. For any questions about silicone roof coatings, or how they compare to other roof coatings, call us today at 214.205.1200.

Features of Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone makes for a worry-free install on practically any roof. The product cures in any temperature, and actually benefits from humidity. This differs from other roof coatings, which require specific conditions for an optimal install. Once applied, the silicone begins to offer your structure the following benefits.

UV Resistance: Silicone originally found its use as a roof coating thanks to its high UV resistance. Many roof coatings will, over time, break down through exposure to the sun. This simply does not happen with silicone. The resistance to UV radiation also has a positive impact on the structure’s interior temperature.

Water Resistance: Similar to polyurea roof coatings, silicone remains completely impermeable to water. Even in the instance of long-standing pools, the silicone will not break down or allow leaks. Silicone actually cures, or hardens, through exposure to water. This unique trait makes it the single most effective roof coating for resistance to water.

One Coat Installation: The chemical makeup of silicone coatings allows installers to spray them on thick. This prevents against the need for multiple coats and the time waiting for coats to dry. This causes a reduction in the amount of time needed for the job, which results in a lower overall bill.

Environmentally Sound: Silicone roof coatings exceed even the environmental regulations of California, the strictest state in the country. The environmentally sound chemical makeup of silicone means that you can have it installed without any fear of regulatory repercussions. The coatings also have an extremely low content of solvents and volatile compounds, which makes them resistant to fire.

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As a means to take the stress out of roof repairs, you can’t beat silicone roof coatings. Easy to install and easier to maintain, these coatings ensure years of protection from rain and savings to your energy bills. Once the coating finally begins to wear out, you can simply have another layer applied over the original. To take advantage of the benefits of a silicone roof coating in Lubbock and Dallas, TX, contact Foam Tech at 214.205.1200.