Acrylic Roof Coating

As part of our broad range of services, Foam Tech offers building owners the benefits of an acrylic roof coating. In use since the early 1980s, these roof coatings have proved their longevity and practicality. As an addition that can extend the life of a new roof and preserve the integrity of an old roof, acrylic coatings stand as a smart choice in almost any circumstances.

A bright, distinctive white, acrylic coatings applied by a master installer yield many years of benefits. Foam Tech has lengthy experience with this variety of coating and can ensure the effectiveness of our work. To ask questions or schedule the installation of an acrylic roof coating in Dallas and Lubbock, TX, callĀ 214.205.1200.

Why Consider Acrylic Roof Coating?

When you choose an acrylic roof coating, you make an investment that prolongs the life of your roof. Lightweight and painless to install, this roof coating does not create the disposal requirements of other types of roof restorations. It also comes with four additional primary benefits.

An Acrylic Roof Coating

An Acrylic Roof Coating

Prolong the Life of Any Roof: This type of coating can become installed on practically any roof. Roofing materials traditionally seen as non-receptive to coatings, including EPDM, metal, cement, and modified bitumen, can benefit from its installation.

Longevity: It has become commonplace to see acrylic roof coatings that have lasted 20 years or more. As other types of roof coatings only last half that amount of time, acrylic stands as the greater value. The coating has also persisted in use long enough for a positive consensus to form about its longevity.

Flexibility: The formulation of acrylic roof coatings allows them to handle the thermal contractions that can prove the death of many roofs. The material easily expands and contracts, and will not shrink or otherwise decay from the sun’s onslaught.

Highly Reflective and Dirt Resistant: The bright white of acrylic coatings render it highly reflective to sunlight. The special formulation of the acrylic material also makes it dirt-resistant. This matters a great deal, as years of dust and dirt will typically accumulate to undermine a roof’s reflectivity.

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At Foam Tech, we can quickly service your need for an acrylic roof coating in Lubbock and Dallas, TX. We believe in the positive benefits of this material and feel proud to share them with our customers. To learn more or schedule an installation, call us today atĀ 214.205.1200.