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Silicone roof systems are some of the best on the market, and well worth the investment!

Everyone understands the necessity of a good, durable roof. Fewer people know of the many benefits derived from a roof coating. Roof coatings, available in a variety of forms, can prolong the life of a roof and protect it from environmental threats. Best of all, you can install a roof coating on any roof, even an aged one, to lengthen its effective lifespan.

Over the years, rain, sunshine, and wind will degrade your roof, reduce its effectiveness, and eventually render it inoperable. UV radiation, in particular, will break down a roof on a chemical level. As this activity persists, the roof will acquire a ruined appearance and cease its protection of your structure. At Foam Tech, we offer full installation services for a roof coating in Dallas and Lubbock, TX. To learn more about this valuable addition to your roof, give us a call at 214.205.1200.

The Benefits of a Roof Coating

At Foam Tech, we offer roof coatings in three varieties. The one you choose will depend on your budget, preference, and type of structure.

  • Acrylic Roof Coating Acrylic roof coatings have a proven track record of longevity. The material also expands and contracts in the heat to resist sun-related deterioration.
  • Silicone Roof Coating These roof coatings go on in a single layer to save time. They also harden when exposed to water, which grants them a remarkable resistance to rain.
  • Polyurea Roof Coating This adaptive roof coating offers formulations with differing characteristics. Also water-resistant, polyurea additionally doesn’t corrode from chemicals.

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Extended Roof Life: Roof coatings will deflect and absorb punishment from elemental factors that normally damage a roof. UV radiation and water stand as the two major contributors to a roof’s demise. Roof coatings effectively pause the onslaught and can add 10 years or more to the life of your roof.

Lower Bills: Roof coatings can deflect enough of the sun’s heat to lower the interior temperature seven to 10 degrees. A cooler home means the HVAC has less work to do, which lowers your energy bills.

Broadly Applicable: Regardless of the type of roof you have, we can identify a roof coating that works. With formulations that adhere across a wide variety of materials, roof coatings can add durability even to metal, modified bitumen, and concrete roofs.

Preserves Attractiveness: A reflective roof coating can preserve the color of your roof, and leave it attractive for years to come.

Roof Coating You Can Count On

At Foam Tech, we install roof coatings in Lubbock and Dallas, TX with the utmost skill and professionalism. Regardless of the type of coating you choose, you can count on timely services that maximize your possible range of benefits. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us today at 214.205.1200.