Is a Roof Coating Right for You?

Roof Coating InstallationWhen your roof begins to deteriorate, you may be wondering if the damage is repairable or if it’s simply time for a new roof. Many times, roof coatings can prolong your roof’s life for a few years, but there are times when you will need a roof replacement.

Too Many Bare Spaces

While roof coatings work great at filling in worn or thinned areas in your roofing, if the areas are too large or if there is general thinning, a roof coating will only prolong the inevitable, and you should consider a new roof. However, once your new roof is installed, a roof coating can substantially increase its life and durability.

Gravel Surface

If your roof is tar and gravel, a roof coating typically won’t seal as well as on other surfaces. If your roof already has damage, a roof coating may only help a little or not at all. A heavily applied coating will last a while, but generally not as long as will be needed to be cost-effective.

When Are Roof Coatings Helpful?

Roof coatings are perfect for new roofs to prevent wear and tear for longer. They also work well on roofs that are beginning to show signs of wear such as small abrasions, warped shingles, or shrinking around vents and protrusions.

When you’re wondering if a roof coating will be effective on your roof, call the experts at Foam Tech at 214.205.1200. We can inspect your current roof and discuss each solution to ensure you make the right decision for your home or business.