Injection Foam Insulation

Foam Tech stands as your source for injection foam insulation. A relatively new product, injection foam also goes by the name of injected foam, or injectable foam insulation. A superb product that serves a specific, valuable role for a home, injection foam insulation has no better local installer than the personnel at Foam Tech.

If you have a persistently cold room, then injection foam could provide the answer. For more information about installation of injection foam insulation in Lubbock and Dallas, TX, call us today at 214.205.1200. Our team stands ready to provide you and your home with the benefits of injection foam.

Reasons to Choose Injection Foam Insulation

Injection foam differs a great deal from normal expanding spray foam insulation. Expanding spray foam accomplishes what its name suggests: it expands to fill space, and sticks to whatever it touches. It then hardens to create a permanent barrier against air and moisture. This expansion means that you cannot use it in enclosed cavities. If you do, the foam will expand to damage sheathing or drywall.

Fills Cavities: Injection foam does not expand and so provides an ideal way to fill cavities in walls. For installation, the technician will drill holes in the outside of the structure, then inject the foam near studheads. Injection foam has the approximate consistency of shaving cream and will fill an empty cavity to eliminate air pockets. The foam also seals leaks in walls and hardens to create a permanent solution.

Solves Temperature Problems: If you have a consistently cold room, injection foam installation can provide the answer. The room’s problem likely comes from walls with leaks or inadequate insulation. Injection foam transforms these types of walls into airtight barriers that preserve a room’s temperature and prevents the waste of energy. Monthly energy bills will go down as the result of injection foam installation.

Call Us for More Information

In addition to its practical benefits, the foam emits no harmful gases or fumes and provides for easy clean-up. Should any excess find its way onto an unwanted area, you can simply clean the foam away with water. To learn more about this remarkable substance, or to schedule service at your home or business, call us today at 214.205.1200. At Foam Tech, we represent the local experts for injection foam insulation in Dallas and Lubbock, TX.