Hybrid Foam Roofs

Hybrid foam roofing

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Spray foam roofing works wonders as a roofing system. As a seamless, monolithic solution for roofing needs, this substance offers unparalleled water resistance and temperature control. Spray foam roofing also has few maintenance requirements and installs quickly and painlessly. At Foam Tech we stand as the undisputed experts for spray foam roofing. We perform masterful installations that give you the most advantages from this wondrous product.

At Foam Tech, we have also achieved expertise with the application of roof coatings. Our roof coatings, available in three varieties, apply over practically any roofing system to extend its life. Roof coatings also provide greater durability and light reflection, which means building owners can save money on energy bills across the long-term. A third service, hybrid foam roofing, combines the best features of spray foam roofing and roof coatings. Foam Tech proudly offers this service for its customers. If you find yourself interested in hybrid foam roofing in Dallas and Lubbock, TX, give us a call today at 214.205.1200.

How Hybrid Foam Roofing Works

spray foam hybrid

This is a hybrid spray foam over an R-panel roof!

Hybrid roofing gets applied to existent roofs and works as a combination of spray foam roofing and roof coatings. Essentially, our peerless technicians apply spray foam across all the weak spots on a roof, including flashing, joints, seams, and fasteners. We then apply a roof coating over the entirety of the roof. To understand the benefits of this system, you must know the full benefits of each of its components.

Spray Foam Roofing: Seamless and almost completely water-resistant, spray foam works as the ultimate roofing solution. It also functions as a superior insulator and will keep conditioned air safely contained within your structure. As for longevity, properly maintained spray foam will last for the entire life of a structure.

Roof CoatingsA properly applied roof coating will extend the life of a roof ten years or more. The highly reflective nature of the coating will protect your structure from harmful radiation and lessen the load on your HVAC system.

A hybrid foam roof performs a synthesis of spray foam and roof coatings. A structure receives the water-resistance of spray foam over its weak spots, along with superior insulator qualities and longevity. The roof coating then provides high reflectivity to protect against the sun, along with added durability for an extended lifespan. Hybrid foam roofs have become especially popular with metal roofs, as they apply well to metal and can shore up damaged or compromised areas. 

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