Blown In Insulation

blown in insulation

Blown-in insulation can both replace and supplement existing insulation.

Even the most effective HVAC will struggle to adequately warm or cool a house without proper insulation. The average home wastes between 25 and 40 percent of its HVAC’s heating and cooling output. If you’d like to see this waste fall off your monthly energy bill, consider blown in insulation from Foam Tech.

Blown-in insulation presents a simple, non-invasive way to increase your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. This remarkable product provides both long-term and immediate benefits and will pay for itself in two to four years thanks to the savings on your energy bill. To learn more or schedule installation of blown-in insulation in Lubbock and Dallas, TX, trust the experts at Foam Tech. Call 214.205.1200 now to get in touch with a member of our courteous staff.

Advantages of Blown-In Insulation

blown in insulation

Eco-friendly and mold-resistant, blown-in insulation can protect your family’s health.

Installers of blown-in insulation use a special blowing device designed specifically for this purpose. You can trust that installers from Foam Tech will leave no mess behind, and will treat your home with the courtesy they would expect for their own. The various benefits of this type of insulation include:

Increased Comfort Level: The addition of this insulation to your attic will result in better-regulated temperatures year round. The result? Greater comfort for your home, and less need to constantly run the HVAC.

Reduces Energy Bills: Year-round, your blown-in insulation will work to lower your energy bills. The reduction in lost heat or cool air means your HVAC works less, which extends its life as well.

Reduction in Noise: This insulation also acts as a noise reducer. Outside noise will become limited, while sound leakage between rooms in your home also lessens. This allows for greater privacy and, in the case of loud noises from outside traffic or construction, more comfort.

Protect Against Mold: Blown-in insulation will also help prevent the penetration of moisture and air into your home. A lack of moisture and air helps prevent the growth of mold, a breathable hazard that can harm your family’s health.

As an added bonus, blown-in insulation can install in both new and old homes. For older homes, the insulation presents a cost-effective and efficient replacement for outdated, damaged, or deteriorated insulation. It can also supplement existing insulation to provide even greater benefits.

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At Foam Tech, we are proud to offer installation of blown-in insulation in Dallas and Lubbock, TX and surrounding areas. As a budget-friendly and effective means to better insulate your home, you can’t do better. For questions or to schedule service, call 214.205.1200 anytime.