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What Is the Best Roof Coating?

Contractors Apply a Silicone Roof Coating.

What is the best roof coating?

If you’re looking to preserve your roof or want to prevent leaks, a roof coating is often the best option. But, there are many types of roof coatings available from silicone roof coatings to acrylic and polyurea roof coatings. Which is best for you will depend on the type of roof you have as well as what you’re needs are. Silicone, for instance, is favored for its UV protection and its ability to protect your roof from ponding, while inexpensive acrylic coatings provide UV protection and strong resistance to dirt accumulation and mildew. If you’re interested in silicone roof coating in Dallas, TX and Lubbock, TX, look to the specialists at Foam Tech. Find out more by calling Dallas at 214-205-1200 or Lubbock at 806-441-4636.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Roof coatings stop leaks. It’s one main reason people choose to put them on their roofs. When you apply a silicone roof coating or any other coating, it will seal leaks already present in the roofing material, as well as prevent new leaks. Silicone is also particularly good at preventing ponding. These coatings are so good that their job of stopping leaks they usually come with a 20-year warranty for water-tightness.

Benefits of silicone roof coating

Besides preventing ponding and stopping leaks, you’ll benefit from a silicone roof coating in several ways:

  • High solid content makes it necessary to just apply one coat. A single coat of silicone is thicker than other coatings and it still manages to prevent ponding and provide UV protection.
  • No primer is usually required. Confirm the necessity of using a primer with an adhesion test.
  • The materials are environmentally safe. They are solvent-free and have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which meets even the strictest environmental regulations. They also have a high flashpoint which makes them difficult to ignite.
  • They are easy to apply and cure quickly.

How do you apply silicone roof coating?

A silicone roof coating is easy to apply:

  • The roof is cleaned with a power washer.
  • Any necessary repairs to drains, seams, or flashing is made.
  • An adhesion test is performed to make sure no primer is required.
  • The coating is sprayed or rolled on.

How long does it take for silicone roof coating to dry?

On average it takes a silicone roof coating anywhere between eight to 24 hours to dry. Weather, humidity levels, in particular, will affect the dry time. Coatings take longer to dry when dew or high humidity is present and dry faster when it’s hot and dry. Some manufacturers produce “quick-set” materials that dry faster than normal.

How do you clean silicone roof coating?

Because silicone coatings quickly pick up dirt, they will need to be cleaned more often. At least once per year, to clean the coatings, they just need to be lightly pressure-washed. This is something you can do when your annual maintenance inspection comes around.

Can you tint silicone roof coating?

Because most roof coatings are white—which allows for better reflectivity—some building managers want to tint or paint the coating so it better matches the color of the building’s design. It’s not recommended that you tint the material after it’s applied as this can affect the coating’s ability to protect your roof. Some manufacturers produce roof coatings in a variety of colors that may be better suited to your building’s designs. Darker coatings, however, might not provide the same reflectivity as a standard white or light coating.

Silicone roof coating for metal roof

Silicone roof coatings are typically used on flat or low-slope roofs. The coating can also be used on metal roofs. As with other types of roofing materials, once the metal roof is cleaned, and before the coating is applied, any damaged panels need to be replaced. Any mastic materials must also be removed. Metal roofs will also need to be inspected for rust. Those areas will need to be primed with a rust primer.

A Roofer Applies a Roof Coating.

How to remove silicone roof coating

Although people apply silicone roof coatings because they adhere well to almost any surface, if for some reason the coating needs to be removed, it can be difficult to remove because it does adhere so well to the roofing material. But, it’s really rare that a silicone roof coating will need to be removed. Generally, this is only the case if the material gets torn. These coatings can tear if knives or other tools are dropped on the roof, which could happen when performing maintenance on the roof, so care must always be taken. If the coating needs to be removed, it’s usually best done by a professional. Anytime you need to remove or apply a silicone roof coating in Dallas, TX or Lubbock, TX, depend on the trusted experts at Foam Tech. We provide an extensive range of roof coating solutions. You can reach us is in either our Dallas location at 214-205-1200 or Lubbock location at 806-441-4636.