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Energy Efficiency With Spray Foam Roofing

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Spray Foam Roofing Provides Your Commercial Property With Energy Efficiency And More.

Spray foam roofing offers commercial properties with durable roofing that lasts for many years. Our roofers apply these systems for commercial business owners because of the many benefits they provide to the properties. These systems are waterproof and can withstand damage, but did you also know they can improve your business’s energy efficiency? Having a spray foam roof can reduce the energy usage of your property and allow your utility bills to drop. This is one of the top benefits that leads commercial business owners to choose spray foam roofing.

How Spray Foam Roofing Increases Energy Efficiency

Spray foam roofing is a seamless material that is applied directly to your roof. While this prevents leaks and water damage, the fact it is seamless means it also helps your property retain the heat or cool air within. On top of this, spray foam gives your roof a reflective surface. With other roofing materials, UV rays can damage the surface and also heat up your building, making your heating and air conditioning system work harder. However, the reflectivity of spray foam bounces these UV rays away from your property, acting as a cool roofing system. This means solar rays will not affect your property as harshly. This lowers your energy usage for your commercial building as well as your utility bills.

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