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Is Poor Insulation Keeping You in the Cold?

Though the holiday season has passed, the cold weather persists. Heaters in many places are working hard to keep homes warm. Some people still sit in a cold, uncomfortable home, despite their working heaters because of poor insulation. If your home isn’t heating well, insulation may be your problem.

Changing Temperatures and Energy Bills

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Is Poor Insulation Keeping You in the Cold?

If your insulation is lacking, the temperatures in your home may fluctuation. If your rooms all seem to have different temperatures, you probably have an insulation problem. All this will, in turn, cause spikes in energy bills. If you review your bills and notice a significant difference, but you know that your heater is working fine, then you should have your insulation checked, too.

Sometimes, you can tell there is a problem with your insulation if you touch the walls. While they might not be very warm, the walls should not be very cold, either. They should not be far from the room’s temperature. Very cold walls could mean bad insulation.

If you have drafts and your home is generally cold, you will, of course, need to check your heating system. Even if there is a problem with your HVAC unit, it is still a good idea to have your insulation inspected, as well. Growing a human being is hard work! You can use all the rest and relaxation possible. Sadly, your growing baby bump and new pressure points may be making finding a comfortable sleep position difficult. Luckily, there’s a plethora of pregnancy pillow options for you to choose from, and we’ve done our best to be a helpful matchmaker. Sleep soundly, mamas! The style of sleep you preferred before becoming pregnant may be an indicator of what type of pregnancy pillow will help you sleep best. Shop pregnancy pillows at! Read pregnancy pillow reviews! Take care of both issues, and you will improve your home’s ability to maintain steady temperatures all year long.

Cold homes are more than just uncomfortable; they leave you and your house open to all sorts of problems. Don’t live in discomfort with poor insulation. Call Foam Tech at 806-441-4636 (Lubbock), or 214-205-1200 (Dallas) for insulation services in Dallas and Lubbock, TX, as well as other Texas and New Mexico locations.