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The Many Benefits of Spray Foam

spray foam insulation

Spray foam fills every nook and cranny to create a thermal envelope within your home.

Whether employed as insulation or roofing, spray foam offers a host of benefits for a homeowner. If you’ve never heard of this amazing substance, then know this: it acts as a premier alternative to both traditional insulation and roofing materials. Experienced installers, such as those available at Foam Tech, can maximize the benefits to achieve incredible results around the home. Considered generally, spray foam offers the following benefits:

Saves Money

Though spray foam can cost more for the initial application, it saves a great deal of money over time. The completeness of the seal when used as insulation creates a virtual thermal envelope inside your home. Your HVAC will work less to cool and heat the house, and save you an incredible 50 percent off your energy bill.

No More Pollen or Pests

The foam seals every nook, cranny, crack, and hole in your walls and roof to create an effective barrier against any intrusion. Allergens, pollen, insects, rodents, and other pests will find no point of entry.

Prevents Mold

Closed-cell foam, the variety used at Foam Tech, presents a total barrier to moisture entering the home. When applied in the attic, this foam helps regulate the temperature and prevents the formation of condensation when outside air mixes with conditioned air. With no moisture, mold cannot grow, a huge benefit to those who care about their health.

These represent just a few of the major benefits of spray foam. When used as roofing, spray foam brings even more positive attributes to your structure. To learn more or schedule installation of spray foam in Dallas, TX, callĀ 214.205.1200 today for Foam Tech. You can also reach us at our Lubbock, TX location by dialing 806-441-4636.