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Our roofers are experienced and dedicated to providing top-notch services.

Foam Tech stands as the local solution for roof coatings and all needs related to foam insulation and roofing. As a premier installer of elastomeric roof coatings, spray polyurethane foam systems, polyurea, and other fluid-applied construction materials, we bring an integrity and expertise to our work that you won’t find elsewhere. Each of our jobs gets completed through the expertise of a master installer. We have faith in the quality of our products and team and strive to deliver top-notch customer service throughout the installation process. Though our products and methods seem advanced, our service remains founded in the old-fashioned ideals of pride in workmanship and dedication to the job.

When you contract Foam Tech for a job, you’ve hired a company that has established itself as the best in the business. Over the course of our 10+ years in the insulation and roofing industry, we’ve grown from a small enterprise based out of Lubbock to one with locations in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mexico, and elsewhere. For spray foam roofing in Lubbock and Dallas, TX, you simply cannot do better than our team. Our expertise has developed to the extent that we now offer training at a world-class, 40,000-square-foot facility in Lubbock. For any questions or service inquiries, do not hesitate to call us at 214.205.1200.

The Leaders for Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing stands as one of our premier services. This revolutionary process stands as the ultimate roofing solution, with benefits to insulation, energy-efficiency, roof drainage, durability, and longevity. If you need a new roof, do not make a decision until you have contacted our team. You may throw untold amounts of cash down the drain if you choose total replacement for a roofing system when our spray foam roofing would have provided a better option. You may also qualify for state or federal tax credits in your application of a foam roof.

No Seams or Joints: Unlike practically every other roofing material, spray foam presents a monolithic surface with zero seams or joints. A roof’s seams stand as its weakest area, and become vulnerable to rainfall as the sun causes the roof to age and degrade. Spray foam also eliminates the need for flashing, another notoriously weak spot on roofs.

Proper Drainage: Thanks to our ability to vary the thickness of the foam application, we can design a spray foam roof with optimal drainage capabilities. You no longer have to deal with pooling water or water that evades your gutters to accumulate around your foundation.

Repair Savings: Manufactured proudly in Texas, our spray foam roofing is a highly durable, closed-cell variety. We can apply this foam to almost any roof, new or old, to circumvent the need for total replacement. Home and business owners save plenty of money against the necessity to completely remove, dispose of, and replace an aged or damaged roof.

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The benefits outlined above stand as just a few of the positive attributes of our spray foam. We also offer many other services, including roof coatings, spray foam insulation, hybrid foam roofs, blown-in insulation, and injection foam. To learn more about how Foam Tech can benefit your structure, or to schedule a consultation for spray foam roofing in Dallas and  Lubbock, TX, give us a call today at 214.205.1200.

Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings

spray foam roofing

Foam will completely seal flashing and other vulnerable areas.

Our roof coatings provide a host of benefits for a roof. Available in a variety of forms, roof coatings both protect a roof from the threats of water and sun and extend its overall life. Almost any roof can benefit from the application of a roof coating. If your roof has seen better days, you can even elect for a roof coating in lieu of restoration or replacement. The process will add approximately 10 years to the life of your roof, and save you the money and trouble of an invasive, messy replacement project.

The primary reason that a roof degrades with age comes from the accumulated effects of rain and sunshine. Rain beats down on a roof and has corrosive properties that will eventually create openings. Sunshine can cause a roof to expand or contract, an activity that non-flexible roofs struggle to accommodate. Harmful radiation also breaks down your roof on a chemical level. Roof coatings preserve your roof against these factors, and can themselves receive periodic replacement as a long-term answer to a roof’s durability.

  • Acrylic Roof Coating Acrylic roof coatings will prolong the life of any roof and have superior reflective and dirt-resistant properties.
  • Silicone Roof Coating These eco-friendly roof coatings have a remarkable resistance to water. They also install in a single coat to save money and time.
  • Polyurea Roof Coating Polyurea can adapt to any roofing need or situation. They also have a high resistance to corrosion from chemicals.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam roofing

Spray foam insulation provides a versatile, effective solution!

Spray foam insulation presents a way to completely seal your attic and walls against outside air. A huge upgrade compared to fiberglass or cellulose insulation, spray foam can cut large percentages from your home’s energy bills. Your home becomes a virtual thermal envelope, in which conditioned air stays contained and unmixed with air from outside. When it comes to your attic, this mixture of air would otherwise generate the condensation that fuels the growth of mold.

  • Attic Spray Foam Insulation Spray foam insulation seals the attic against lost air and gives the space a regulated temperature. It also helps protect your home from mold.
  • Wall Spray Foam Insulation Spray foam insulation for your walls dramatically increases your home’s insulating properties and creates a virtual thermal envelope.

Other Services

Other Services

spray foam roofing

Eco-friendly blown-in insulation helps maintain your home’s comfort.

Our various other services include hybrid foam roofs, blown-in insulation, and injection foam. Each of these brings its own benefits to a home. Blown-in insulation stands as an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass that helps maintain your home’s temperature and protects against mold. Injection foam serves as a supplemental tool to fill cavities created through settled insulation or other factors. This non-expanding foam can completely fill leaks and cracks to provide a permanent answer to persistent heating issues.

  • Spray Foam Roofs A spray foam roof presents no seams for the entrance of water. It also offers superior temperature control and longevity.
  • Hybrid Foam Roofs Hybrid foam provides the best qualities of spray foam roofing and roof coatings to existent roofs in need of work.
  • Blown-In Insulation An economical and effective type of insulation, blown-in insulation reduces energy bills, increases your home’s comfort, and helps protect against mold.
  • Injection Foam Injection foam differs from other varieties in that it does not expand. This allows its use to fill wall cavities and solve persistent heating issues.